Thursday, July 18, 2013

Useful Packing tips for Musical Instruments

Here are some additional tips for assuring musical instruments, music and equipment are stored in optimal conditions:

  • Properly prepare instruments for storage, cleaning and conditioning them with paste wax for wood, resin, etc. Never use an oil-based polish or alcohol on wood instruments. Disassemble parts, remove reeds, mouthpieces, mutes and straps, and relax strings
  • Whenever possible, store instruments in cases designed for them. Cases should be in good condition – clean, with no fraying or powdering. If a case is not in great condition, line it with buffered acid-free paper (available for purchase at music stores). Inside the case, drape a clean cloth over strings. For additional protection against humidity, after placing the instrument in the case, place the case in a polyethylene bag.
  • Cover a piano with a sheet or tarp to protect it from dust
  • After storing musical instruments for a lengthy period, be sure to clean and tune them before playing
  • In the storage unit, keep instruments away from vents and doors. Make sure they are stored off the floor, on a pallets or shelves
  • If you're storing upholstered products such as mattresses and sofas, consider investing in covers, bags or sheeting for additional protection. Storage and moving facilities often sell large heavy-duty bags for this purpose.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Five tips for relocating for your job

1. Do less:  Anything that didn't get done before you were moving can wait until after you've arrived. Don’t stuff your time full of non-pressing overdue tasks that will surely stress you out. For me this means buying a car.  I will buy it after I get settled when my mind is clear and will rent in the meantime.
2. Ask for helpReach out to anyone who may know your new area. The more sets of eyes looking for apartments, moving deals or even upcoming fun events, the better. I emailed over a dozen new people I met at the conference I went to in April and have gotten great website referrals and offers to meet up.
3. Estimate a budget: Deposits, gas, scouting trips, meals on the go…add up quick. Think ahead about what you want to spend during your transition and how you need to pay for things (credit card vs cash).