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7 Helpful Tips When Moving During Autumn

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We love New Jersey in the autumn! It's actually one of our favorite seasons. The temperature drops to a comfortable dew point, the leaves turn into beautiful bright colors, and you'll definitely feel the hot summer days are over.

Moving to New Jersey at this time of the year can be a little less hectic than the busy summer months. Here are some things you should be prepared for: 
  • Clean your gutters - Not all leaves from your giant Maple tree go straight to the ground. You'll notice your gutters filled with some which might clog them. Make sure to clean them so when the day comes there's a potential buyer, your roof will be in good condition. When you arrive to your new home, check the gutters there too if drains are plugged preventing rot in the wood areas.
  • Yard Maintenance - Before moving out, keep your backyard clean by raking the leaves and pulling out the weeds. This goes to moving into your new house too. If it needs yard work done, do it as soon as you can.
  • Don't overdo fall and Halloween decorations - If you've decorated your old house for fall or Halloween, remove them before you leave. When trying to sell your home, you may want the buyer to picture the house as their own, without unnecessary decors. For an instance, you may want to keep it nice and simple.
  • Be careful of wet leaves - Take extra caution when carrying heavy boxes or furniture. Wet leaves can be slippery as ice. To prevent the risk for damaging the items and sustaining injuries, keep a broom handy so you can clear the walkways, ramp, kitchen floor, stairs, and anywhere else you might need to move. The movers will be up and down the truck and in and out of the house so make sure to have a safe path.
  • Keep the rain gear within your reach -  As much as possible, don't pack all your rain gear. Even though the weather report says there will be clear skies, be prepared. There's still chance of rain, although a little less. Place the rain gear in a clearly marked box so you can easily get it. You'll never know if things get wet outside! 
  • Dress in layers - Expect colder mornings when you wake up especially this October. You'll also notice however, that temperatures rise by mid-day. We recommend dressing in layers so that you can adapt to the weather as it changes. It is very important that you're comfortable while moving to help make the experience more pleasant.
  • Check the calendar of events - There are a lot of fun things to do in New Jersey during autumn. For local events, go to to help you plan the best day for doing your move.
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