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Packing for College: 3 Essential Tips You Should Know

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Summer is almost over and you're moving back to college. As you pack for your move, planning ahead of time will make the whole process much easier.

Whether you are an incoming freshman or upperclassmen, packing for college can be stressful. But don't let it add to your anxiety. These tips will help you get back on campus filled with excitement while keeping in mind all the essentials you have to bring:

Create a packing list
To get started with your list, think of your typical day and write down everything you use from your laptop and headphones to your favorite pillow. Sort it by category: school supplies, kitchen supplies, toiletries, medicine, desk accessories, electronics, bathroom, clothing, and so on.

If you are a compulsive packer, you can use College Packing List, a webapp that generates a checklist for you so you won’t forget anything important.

Resist the urge to over pack
Here’s an advice: bring as little as possible. When moving into a dorm, more often than not, you’ll be having a limited space. For clothes, it’s a good idea to bring some fall and winter wardrobe. But, if you prefer to be heading home in a couple weeks, just bring your summer clothes for now and switch it up when the temperature drops.

Don’t panic when you forget something
If you missed something, just relax. Beg your mom or dad to Fedex the item you left at home, or ask a friend to come over and visit you in your dorm. You can also borrow from your roommate until you can get home to grab the item you need. If all else fails, you can always buy whatever you’re missing.

Self-move vs. Hired Movers
If you are taking minimal amount of stuff, doing a self-move is more practical. You can easily load it in your car or have the boxes shipped. On the other hand, consider hiring a mover if you are bringing along furniture and a significant number of boxes. This will save time and the hassle of doing it yourself.

What are your back-to-school packing essentials? Got any tips to add for staying organized when packing for college? Leave your comments below.

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