Saturday, October 19, 2013

Five Spooktacular Halloween Activities for Your New Home

So you just moved into a new neighborhood and Halloween is coming up. This is a great time to add extra excitement into your community. Here are fun-filled activities to start your new life and your Halloween with a scream:

Haunted House
Once your moving company has left, try this creepy idea: Host a fright night by turning your house into a haunted house. Make dark corridors throughout your living room and garage. Get creepy decorations and make dark corridors throughout your garage or living room. Mood lighting is a must so dim the lights and use a strobe. You'll also need cobwebs and some faux "gross" things. Now that your house looks scary, make it sound scary, too! Create spooky Halloween noises and eerie music that will get the blood pumping and set the tone for suspense. End the tour with a bowl of candy.

Costume Party
Throw a Halloween costume party for the kids. You might also consider dressing up to match up with your little ghouls. Invite your new neighbors and make your party go off with a scream by serving scary spider web chocolate fudge muffins, a warming witches' brew, sticky peppermint lollies, blood-red punch beverages, and other Halloween-themed baked dishes. Hang spooky decor, too and consider rewarding the most realistic and original costume.

Start the "Boo" in your neighborhood
Transform a dreadfully dull holiday into a frightfully fun evening by "booing" your next door neighbors. Prepare a boo bag, filled with spooky treats and ring their doorbell at night. Before you run away, leave the bag along with an instruction sheet from and let the booing continue. Make sure you have a good escape plan so you won't get caught!

Do a movie marathon on Hallow's Eve
Nothing makes Halloween more fun than watching scary movies that induce at least one night of insomnia or even repeated sleepless nights! For a list of horror movies to get you in the mood and put you in the festive and frightened spirit, click here.

Participate in Halloween activities
Don't miss the fun outside. Go trick or treating and meet new people. Here is a list of sites where you can find the latest spooky happenings in New Jersey:

We hope you enjoy all of these haunted tips and tricks. Are you doing anything for Halloween this year? Share it with us!

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