Thursday, October 31, 2013

Protecting Yourself While Loading Items

There are a lot of things you can do to ensure that you and your belongings travel safely to your new home. Here are some quick tips for an injury-free moving when loading or unloading your items. 

  • Ask someone to help you lift heavy items. But don't overdo it and avoid lifting loads that are too heavy. 
  • Use a dolly for heavy items and boxes.  Make sure the blades are centered and completely under the load. Keep the load balanced and always walk with the dolly in front of you, with heavier items on the bottom. Avoid loading items onto the dolly higher than chest-level.
  • Avoid wearing loose clothing that may get snagged while carrying furniture out of doorways and into the moving truck.
  • Consider wearing leather gloves when dealing with large, heavy objects with sharp edges.
  • Wear durable, supportive footwear with a good grip. As much as possible, avoid sandals or open-toed shoes.
  • Take small breaks throughout the loading process especially when you have a lot of stuff to move. 
  • Make sure you can see where you're walking.
  • Never walk on slippery, uneven surfaces.
  • When picking up and setting down objects, practice good body mechanics. Bend your knees and not from your waist. Always lift with your legs and not with your back. Make sure to keep your back straight and vertical – don't arch your back or reach out for an object.
  • Before picking up a heavy object, get a firm footing. Part your feet and put one foot slightly in front of the other to give you good balance.
  • When lifting, improve your posture. Stand close to the item with your feet shoulder-width apart, elbows tucked in, and chin down.
  • Use slow and smooth movements.
  • When you lift objects, avoid twisting.
  • Avoid putting a lot of strain on your back by carrying the object in the space between your shoulder and waist.
  • Have someone to help support the item when going up or down the ramp or stairs.
  • If you need assistance with loading or unloading, just call Uber Movers - we can help!

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