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Welcome and Thank you for considering Uber Movers - your one and only stop in your search for a reliable and experienced moving company, where you will always be provided with a "Guaranteed Not to Exceed"* price.
Here at Uber Movers, we have a firm commitment to customer satisfaction and we pride ourselves in offering the highest standard of service available at the most competitive prices in the industry, as our 5 star rating on many online review sites will attest to. So please take a moment to see what separates us from our competition, and you will come to a conclusion that Uber Movers is the one and only choice for your upcoming relocation.

First and foremost, we are a "Carrier", which means you will deal with Uber Movers throughout the entire process of your relocation, thereby eliminating any fear of your move being "Brokered" out to some "no name" company that will wind up charging you more at delivery. We have our own fleet of 24 modern "Air Ride" trucks ready and available to provide your items the smoothest ride possible throughout the trip. We also have three central hubs located in Illinois, New Jersey, and Florida, so no matter where you are relocating to, we have you covered.

Also, in an effort to make your move as stress-free as possible, we will assign you your very own personal Certified Moving Consultant, who will be your point of contact via telephone or email throughout your entire move, so you can always get an update on the progress of your move whenever needed. In addition, we also have a professionally trained customer service and dispatch department at your disposal to take care of any questions or concerns you may have - so no matter what, you WILL be able to reach us.
One of the most important facets of your move is to make sure the crew that is handling your items is experienced and reliable. In order to assure you of that, we do extensive screening and background checks on all of our crew members before they are even considered for employment. They must also provide confirmed references showing at least five years of experience in the industry. So when we show up at your door, you know that only well-trained and experienced people will be handling your precious items.  

Finally, we only prepare "Guaranteed Not to Exceed" estimates* to completely eliminate any concerns of being overcharged at delivery. We also offer a "Price Protection Guarantee" in writing, which states that we will beat any "reputable" company's price even AFTER you have booked your move with us. This gives you not only the freedom to reserve your space on our truck "EARLY", thus avoiding any availability issues later on, but also the peace of mind knowing that no matter what you are offered afterwards, you STILL get the best price from us GUARANTEED.
As you can see, we have all of your bases covered. So please go ahead and fill out the simple basic information form provided, and one of our certified Moving Consultants will contact you immediately. Or, if you prefer, you can call us directly at 1-866-386-UBER(8237) and we will be happy to prepare an estimate for you and address any questions or concerns you may have.
*Guarantee is based on the information provided by the client. If the inventory changes the estimate will be adjusted accordingly.

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